Do you have a concern your mattress is not the same as it was when you first received?

Keep in mind your mattress will change some.  Your mattress will conform to your body and will show some indentations.  How much will it show?  This depends on if you have a pillow top or a firm top mattress.

Please keep in mind some mattress complaints do not qualify and some do.  We go by the mattress manufacturer’s set warranty  guidelines.

When is it not normal?
When the depression is greater than 1 1/2″ inches.
Squeaking boxes or mattress

Please Follow Instructions

To measure this you can do the following.

Get a straight edge stick similar to a broom stick without the broom or mop on end.

Lay it across and with a tape measure the depression.

No need to lay down on bed when measure
No need to push down on tape measure

Put the measuring tape on fabric and not in any stitch pattern. (indention area)



Please supply a minimum of 4 pictures. – See above for examples..

How long is process? This depends on mattress vendor

Sealy – Simmons – Stearns & Foster – They will exchange the item in question if there is an
The timeline for exchange is 1 -4 weeks ( Some manufactures do allow an upgrade )

 Miracle- Wickline– They will repair the mattress and not replace.  The mattress will need to be returned and they will open it up and replace pieces or the complete bed based upon their inspection.

The timeline for repair is 1 -4 weeks depending on how quick we can get the mattress back.  Mattress Man does not have loaner mattresses but will do its best to get the mattress returned to you as soon as possible.

What is not covered?
Picking up your “warranted” mattress for exchanged or replacement.*

If your mattress has stains larger than the size of a quarter.
On King size mattress’s – A ridge may develop in the center of the mattress where no one sleeps.

Email The following..
4 pictures to us.
A. Over all picture of mattress
B. Picture of measure stick – as shown above
C. Picture of Law Label –  see below
D. Picture of under the bed- Showing the support system- ie wood legs or metal bed frame.  Picture will include bottom
of box and the floor and whats in-between
E. Invoice number
F. Description of the problem

Email Us your Problem

If you have any other questions or trouble sending pictures please call.


Basic law label


*Please note we are a retailer selling a product that comes with a warranty provided by the manufacturer.
*If you are approved for a warranty exchange there will be a $50 delivery and exchange fee that is not negotiable.

Once you have all the required documents, pictures and measurements please email them

Warranty Questions?
Leave a message or call 619-275-2117

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