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Sealy Posturepedic
Destiny Gold Mattress
Sealy Optimum Mattress Sets
Quilt - Top of Mattress
2" OptiCool Gel Memory Foam
Featuring Outlast Technology

Comfort - Padding Layers
1" OptiSense Memory Foam

Correct Back Support System
7" Sealy Core

Mattress Height - 10"

Box Height
9" or 5"

10 Year Non-prorated
No Flip, No Rotate

Mattress Firmness = 6
Firm 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10 Plush

Next Model up - Radiance is a
little softer 7.5 firmness
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TXL Set- $999
Full Set- $1099
Queen Set- $1299
King Set - $1799
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Advanced, high-performance gel
memory foam that helps stabilize body
temperature, reduce tossing and turning,
and promote proper spinal alignment.


12 times more effective at removing
excess heat than traditional memory

2. Contours to the curves of your body
to help reduce tossing and turning and
enhance back support.

3. Transfers little to no motion, great for
couples who are light sleepers.
Products with Outlast® technology
buffer against temperature
fluctuations, helping to keep your
personal microclimate steady and
comfortable. Outlast® products will
keep you not too hot, not too
cold®, but just right!
No more kicking off the covers due
to overheating. By eliminating
temperature swings throughout the
night, you are less likely to wake up
from overheating or chills. Outlast®
bedding also helps women who
experience hot flashes or night
sweats by buffering those
temperature swings by absorbing
excess heat. You'll experience a
deeper, more restful sleep on
bedding made with Outlast®
Employee Review- by Lisa   
If you are like most of our shoppers then you can lay on this mattress and feel the support it offers your back.  Now I prefer a medium feel mattress and
this mattress is perfect.  I can feel the top softness and the support the firmness underneath provides.  I have laid on this mattress and can definitely feel
the coolness it offers.  I am a larger person so I do get hot in bed sometimes.  I have laid on this mattress for an extended period and to me It feels  better
than a traditional innerspring or a basic memory foam mattress does.  You wont be bothered you spent a little extra to get this model.  Did you know that
the Opticool is 12 times more effective at removing excess heat compared to other gel foams on the market?
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