Camille PillowTop

Individually wrapped coils paired with a foam encasement allows this mattress to have great support all around…




Height: 12-inch No Flip Pillow Top

  • Stretch Knit Tack and Jump Quilt Pattern
  • Foam Encased Construction
  • 800 Individually Wrapped Coils
  • 6.5” High Density CertiPur Base Foam
  • 9-inch Foundation
  • 10 Year Warranty

Features & Benefits:


Stretch Knit Tack and Jump Quilt Pattern
our line features a stretch knit with a tack and jump pattern and offers excellent value.
Foam Encased Construction
A durable yet resilient foam that provides superior firmness and ultimate long-lasting support.
 800 Individually Wrapped Coils

Individually wrapped coils add qualities that are essential for a restful nights sleep. Coils act independent from each other allowing the sleep surface to conform to your body and sleeping style. This reduces the effect of pressure points and insures you wake refreshed. This innovation in mattress spring technology solves the problem of motion caused by your sleeping partner. No longer will the tossing and turning of your partner effect your nights rest. Individually wrapped coils isolate the motion, so it is not transferred. Individually wrapped coils create a superior structural mattress core. The independence of the coils insure longer life of each individual coil, while providing a plush comfort that simply cannot be achieved using any other design.

6.5” High Density CertiPur Base Foam

CertiPUR-US® foams, Natural latex, Organic cotton, wool, Bamboo, water based adhesives are used whenever possible, to insure consumer safety and ultimate comfort.

Product Details

Designed in cooperation with
the International Chiropractors
Association (ICA)
King Koil Mattresses are the
only mattresses endorsed by
the International Chiropractors
Association (ICA), and designed
to provide the support needed for
a better night’s sleep.


(+/–) 1/2″



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