Diamond Hybrid Duality Series

Direct Contact Design Direct Contact puts the best materials right at the top where you can really feel the benefit and need them the most. Another revolutionary leap forward in breathability, we created Dynamic Airflow, which has channels throughout the mattress where heat and moisture can escape for ultimate cool comfort. Each mattress is handmade by skilled craftsmen using luxurious materials, fabrics and fine detailing.

Mattress Features & Benefits

  • Gently conforms to your body for a personalized fit by using our exclusive Cool Touch memory foam

  • Reduces tossing and turning at night by relieving painful pressure points and allowing your blood to circulate and flow

  • Your partner’s movements will leave you undisturbed and sleeping soundly because our exclusive Cool Touch memory foam does not transfer motion

  • Our Cool Touch memory foam and wrapped coil support system combines to maintains a cool balanced temperature throughout the night allowing muscles to breathe and heal

  • Always returns to its original shape to support you night after night

    Adjustable Friendliness

    *Note: Although our mattresses have been tested and will last for 20 years we recommend changing every 8 to 10 years. As your body changes your mattress needs will change as well. Listen to your body and you’ll know when it’s time to upgrade to a new mattress.